Telefonnummer 04103-14553 - Aufnahme Tag und Nacht

How to reach the women’s shelter

The women’s shelter emergency number can be reached 24 hours a day: 04103-14553.

A meeting point accessible by public transport will be arranged over the phone. We will meet you there 24 hours a day. For the safety of all women and children at the shelter the address is strictly confidential.

In case that we are fully occupied, or if a woman needs to move to a different town for safety reasons, we provide telephone numbers of other women’s shelters.

Criteria for admittance: Women’s Shelter Wedel admits women unbureaucratically and anonymously regardless of their financial situation. Women from the age of eighteen are admitted. Children can only be admitted with their mothers. Boys are admitted up until the age of fourteen (For older boys, we can arrange placement through youth welfare service when necessary.

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