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Shelter and support

When a woman and her children arrive at the women’s shelter, there will be an initial conversation depending on the situation to give her the opportunity to get her problems off her chest. A childcare staff member will look after the children during this time.

During the initial conversation, necessary first steps for the woman’s basic coverage and safety will be clarified. We will make appropriate staff referrals meaning that each woman will be assigned a specific staff member to support her during and sometimes even after her stay at the women’s shelter. Depending on the woman’s needs, necessary steps for her to take will be identified and she will receive support in dealing with authorities.
During counselling, each woman will have the opportunity to discuss her experiences and to develop new perspectives. In case of a crisis the staff member assigned to her will be at her side for support and clarification.

Our shelter is resource-oriented, and we encourage strength, creativity and vitality in the women and children we serve.

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